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To travel is modern people´s way of self realization. From youngsters to retired couples. In all cases travel photos play an important role. By your travel photos you keep your memories complete for the rest of your life.

Travel stock photos are also a great source of inspiration before travelling. Travel magazines and many other publications are testimonials of their clear importance. But also many other sides of daily life are influenced by our dreams of travelling. Therefore travel photos are playing a much bigger role than just related to our concrete planning of the next travel.

Find your inspiration for travelling or for your efficient communication with other people: Find travel stock photos and other pictures.


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Take better travel photos. Tip # 6

(Extract from Stock Photo News)


When you travel abroad ask people about the permission to take
photos of them.
Are you in a traditional market place buy some fruits or
whatever before you ask for the photo. In that way you are not
only more sure to get the permission, but often you get better
pictures because of the established relationship. If your
request is rejected be glad you didn't try to take the picture
without asking.

Be ready with your equipment before you ask for the permission
and take the first picture immediately.

Avoid offering the person a cigarette to pave the way even if
this is often a used practice by some photographers. At least I
find it unethical - and the cigarettes are often visible on the

Are you traveling in a group scan the members with a
photographer's eye to identify the most photogenic, and make use
of them in your planned pictures.

When you include family members and friends in your pictures
think of how they would like to see themselves in the final

Have continued good luck with your travel photography.

Soren Breiting , A-Z Fotos, Editor of Stock Photo News

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